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Top 5 Current Affairs 31.07.2019

Top 05 Current Affairs Of 31.07.2019 :-

31 July 2019 Current Affairs:

The birth anniversary of Munshi Premchand, a great novelist and  storyteller, is celebrated on 31 July every year. Premchand's stories confront the truth of the society and underlines the importance of truth, justice and loyalty. His stories aimed to create awareness among the public about national and social issues.

Munshi Premchand:

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Premchand was born on 31st July 1880 in Lamhi Village near Varanasi. Munshi has written more than 250 short stories, number of essays and novels under the name Premchand.
Godaan is his last and most popular novel. He wrote it in 1936. Premchand's works were a reflection of the reality in society tells  the problems of the poor and the urban middle-class.
Premchand had a rationalist approach towards religion. The writer largely influenced by Mahatma. He brought to light some of the most prominent problems faced by the country at the time. Premchand was a teacher for many years and he joined the non-cooperation movement led by Mahatma Gandhi in the 1920. Due to recurring illness, he passed away on October 8, 1936.

His writings:

Most of his writing are under the topic like corruption, child widowhood, prostitution, feudal system, poverty, colonialism. His famous writing are Premashram, Nirmala, Karmabhumi, Rangabhumi, Kafan, Godaan.

2. Rajya Sabha passed the triple talaq Muslim Women Protection of Rights on          Marriage Bill.

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31 July 2019 Current Affairs: 

The Rajya Sabha passed the triple talaq Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2019.
 The bill makes the declaration of triple talaq means the police can arrest an accused without a warrant. It is the government's attempt to protect the rights of married Muslim women.

Provisions of the Bill:

The Bill makes the instant triple talaq a criminal offence. It provides a jail term to a Muslim man for the crime that prohibits divorce by pronouncing talaq thrice in one go.
If the woman misuses the law, the man should have the right to appeal.

3. Rajya Sabha Passed IBC Amendment Bill 

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31 July 2019 Current Affairs: 

The Rajya Sabha approved the amendments to the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC). Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (Amendment) Bill, 2019 provides clarity about preference to secured lenders over operational creditors. 

Provisions of the amendments:

The amendments gives a loan defaulting company explicit authority over the distribution of proceeds of an auction in the resolution process.
With reference to the IBC, it has fixed a firm timeline of 330 days for resolving cases.

4. Infosys Launches Cyber Defence In Romania :

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31 July 2019 Current Affairs:

Infosys announced the launch of its state-of-the-art Cyber Defence Center in Bucharest, Romania.The Defence Center is an expansion of services delivered through Infosys Digital Innovation Center which opened in Bucharest.
They will provide end-to-end, real-time, 24/7 cyber security monitoring and protection services to support European and global businesses on their digital transformation journey. They including security monitoring, management and remediation, threat hunting, security analytics, incident discovery, and response will be delivered by certified and highly skilled cyber security professionals. The services offered comply with country-specific regulatory requirements.
Infosys is expanding its current team in Romania by recruiting local talent and investing in advanced training for both its current employees and new hires.
Vishal Salvi, chief information security officer & head of cyber security practice, Infosys, said, “Our Infosys cyber defence centers help enterprises prevent, detect and respond to advanced cyber-attacks enabling them to scale This Cyber Defence Center is the latest addition to our global network of Security Operation Centers across theworld and enhances our ability to provide end-to-end cyber security solutions to our clients.


Romania is an established leader in the European cyber security talent market and is a natural choice for us to invest in and develop our cybersecurity research and innovation potential. The Cyber Defence Centers by helping enterprises Prevent, Detect and Respond to advanced cyber-attacks will enable them to scale securely in their dig. The European country is an established leader in the European cybersecurity talent market thus became a natural choice for Infosys to invest in and development.

5.Rajya Sabha passed the Banning of Unregulated Deposit Schemes Bill

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31 July 2019 Current Affairs: '

The Rajya Sabha has passed the Banning of Unregulated Deposit Schemes Bill, 2019. The Bill aims to introduce a mechanism that will curb the ponzi schemes. It will protect the interest of depositors. The Bill was passed by the Lok Sabha on July 24, 2019. The Bill will now replaced the Ordinance promulgated on February 21, 2019.

Provisions of the Bill:

The bill curb the menace of illicit deposit-taking activities in the country. It provides strict administrative measures to dupe gullible people of their hard-earned savings.
Under the Bill, the centre and state is allowed to frame rules accordingly.
The Bill ensures to protect the genuine businesses or individuals who borrow money from their relatives or friends for personal reasons or to tide over a crisis.

Ponzi scheme:

Ponzi scheme is a form of fraud which attract the investors and pays profits to earlier investors by using funds obtained from more recent investors.

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