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Revision is key to remembering all that you have studied. This is where mock tests help. They help students revise the entire syllabus in the simulated setting of the actual exam

1- Lemon juice has a PH of -

    a) 8   b) 2   c ) 6  d) 4

2- Shilong is situated in -

     a) The Naga hills  b) The garo hills
     c) The khasi hills  d) The Mikir hills

3- which of the following  rocks  is   trasformed into marbel-

      a) Granite b) Limestone c) peat d) shale

4- Kuka movement  is associated with which of the following states?

(a) Assam (b) Bengal (c) punjab (d) Maharastra

5-Cathod rays are-

 (a) electromagnetic wave  b) stream of alpha particle  c) stream of electrons   d) radiations

6-The sweetest of all sugars is-

(a) glucose (b) lactose (c) sucrose (d) fructose

7- Number of basic unit of -

  (a) 4    (b) 7   (c) 6   (d) 5

8-which of the following vitamin is soluble in water?

   (a) vitamin D  (b) vitamin A  (c) vitamin E
   (d) vitamin C

9-The currency of Thailand is-

  (a) Bhat  (b) Rupiah (c) yuan (d) yen

10-The method of Constitutional Amendments is provided in -

  (a)Article 348  (b) Article 358  (c) Article 368      (d)Article  378

All The Answers Are Given Below the post :
Please be Patient and read Carefully 

5 ways mock tests can help you score much better in your exams :

1. Helps develop the right strategy

2. Helps you learn new techniques to solve problems

3. Lets you understand time management

4. Helps you practice and prepare

5. Allows you to analyze yourself post examination

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Mock Test :

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1)b  2)c  3)b  4)c  5)c  6)d  7)b  8)d  9)a  10)c

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