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NRC- National Register of Citizens


The National Register of Citizens (NRC) is a register maintained by the Government of India containing names & certain relevant information for identification of all genuine Indian citizens. The register was first prepared after the 1951 Census of India and since then it has not been updated till recently.[1][2][3]

The North-East Indian state of Assam has become the first state in India where the updation of the NRC is being taken up to include the names of those persons whose names appeared in the NRC, 1951 & still alive and/or of their presently living descendants having permanent residence within the state.


The purpose of NRC update is to identify Indian citizens from among all the present residents of the state thereby leading to identification of illegal migrants residing in the Country, who entered into it after the midnight of 24 March 1971. However the fate of those who would not be able to get his or her name entered in the register is now a matter under judicial and legislative consideration and more or less uncertain.


NRC is updated as per the provisions The Citizenship Act, 1955[24] and The Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules, 2003 (As amended by 1. G. S. R. 803(E), dated 9 November 2009 (with effect from 9/11/2009.), Ministry of Home Affairs (Office of Registrar General, India), Order No. S.O. 596(E), dated 15 March 2010, published in the Gazette of India, Extra, Part II. No. 504 S.3(ii), dated 16 March 2010 p. 1.). As per the two statutes, the eligibility status would be ascertained based on the NRC, 1951, Electoral Rolls up to 1971 and in their absence the admissible documents up to 24 March (midnight) 1971.
The mechanism adopted to update the NRC 1951 has been developed from scratch owing to the fact that there is no precedence of such a mammoth task ever undertaken in India or elsewhere that involved identification of genuine citizens and detection of illegal immigrants using technology since it involved data of over 3 crore people and over 6.6 crore documents. The guidelines under which NRC Update has been taken up is as follows –

The process of NRC Update is divided into the following phases:

1)        Publication of Legacy Data
2)        Distribution & Receipt of Application Form
3)        Verification Process
4)        Publication of Part Draft NRC
5)        Complete Publication of Draft NRC
6)        Receipt and Disposal of Claims & Objections
7)        Publication of Final NRC


Who are eligible for inclusion in the updated NRC?

1) Persons whose names appear in NRC, 1972
2) Persons whose names appear in any of the Electoral Rolls up to 24 March (midnight), 1971.
3) Descendants of the above persons.

4) Persons who came to Assam on or after 1 January 1966 but before 25 March 1971 and registered themselves in accordance with the rules made by the Central Government with the Foreigners Registration Regional Officer (FRRO) and who have not been declared as illegal migrants or foreigners by the competent authority.

5) People who are original inhabitants of Assam and their children and descendants who are citizens of India provided their citizenship is ascertained beyond a reasonable doubt by the registering authority.

6) ‘D’ voters can apply for inclusion of their names in the updated NRC. However, their names will be finally included only when the appropriate Foreigner Tribunal declares them as non-foreigners.

7) Persons who can provide any one of the documents issued up to midnight of 24 March 1971 as mentioned in the list of documents admissible for citizenship.

8) All Indian Citizens including their children and descendants who have moved to Assam post 24 March 1971 would be eligible for inclusion in the updated NRC on adducing satisfactory proof of residence in any part of the country (outside Assam) as on 24 March 1971.

9) All members of the Tea Tribes shall be covered under ‘Original inhabitants of Assam’ category provided for under Clause 3(3) of the Schedule of The Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules, 2003.

10) All such original inhabitants shall be included on the basis of proof to the satisfaction of the Registering Authority. On the establishment of the citizenship of such persons beyond a reasonable doubt, their names shall be in the updated NRC. So every Indian should needed of it is must for every Indian.

Two Set Of Documents had to be furnished by Applicants For Inclusion in the updated NRC.

List A Documents-
List B Documents-

List A Documents Are -
For inclusion of names of any person in updated NRC, the applicants must produce any one of the following List A documents issued before 24 March (midnight), 1971 where the name of self or ancestor appears (to prove residence in Assam up to 24 March (midnight), 1971):

      1951 NRC
      Electoral Roll(s) up to 24 March (midnight), 1971
      Land & Tenancy Records
      Citizenship Certificate
      Permanent Residential Certificate
      Refugee Registration Certificate
      Any Govt. issued License/Certificate
      Govt. Service/ Employment Certificate
      Bank/Post Office Accounts
      Birth Certificate
      Board/University Educational Certificate
      Court Records/Processes
Further, the following two documents are also accepted as supporting documents if accompanied by any one of the documents listed above:

     Circle Officer/GP Secretary Certificate in respect of married women migrating after marriage (can be of any year before or after 24 March (midnight), 1971).
     Ration Card issued up to the midnight of 24 March 1971 can be adduced as supporting documents.

List B Documents-

If any of the documents of List A is not of the applicant himself/herself but that of an ancestor, namely, father or mother or grandfather or grandmother or great grandfather or great grandmother (and so on) the applicant then have to submit List B documents to establish relationship with such ancestor, i.e., father or mother or grandfather or grandmother or great grandfather or great grandmother etc. whose name appears in List A. Such documents shall have to be legally acceptable document which clearly proves such relationship. The applicants must produce any one of the following List B to establish the linkage:

         Birth Certificate
         Land document
         Board/University Certificate
         Bank/LIC/Post Office records
         Circle Officer/GP Secretary Certificate in case of married women
         Electoral Roll
         Ration Card

         Any other legally acceptable document

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