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Why Assaam Burning After CAB Bill is Passed ?

Assam is right as it is protecting its own interests. There meant flaws in the bill which not only affects Assam but India as a whole country:-
1.       The biggest flaw is it invites more population to an already overpopulated country. Resources are limited so competition will increase which decreases our quality of life.
2.       Northeast India is gonna get hit the worst. Their population will increase so dramatically that it will alter its demographics and hurt the linguistic and cultural emotions of the natives.
3.       I get Muslims aren't in this bill as they're the majority in neighboring countries but still, the bill looks communal and can be misinterpreted by a common man.
4.       India isn't responsible for the ethnic cleansing of minorities in neighboring countries so why should it bear their future. Govt should look forward to providing a better future to fellow Indians rather than foreigners. Many Indians aren't getting basic facilities, how is it gonna bear more people?
5.       How is the govt gonna classify the immigrants based on religion? Any terrorist or spy agent can enter easily. It threatens national security.

Conclusion:- Cheap move by govt to obtain a new vote bank.

And Another Thought 

Here is the explanation of why people of Assam are protesting against citizenship bill 2016.
During Bangladesh and Pakistan war large number of Bangladeshis both Hindus and Muslims illegally influx into Indian soil mostly in Assam and West Bengal and till recently people continuously came to Assam illegally as there is very little fencing in India Bangladesh border. Later in 1983, a widespread agitation against illegal Bangladeshi happened in Assam and people of Assam signed an accord with then Prime Minister Rajib Gandhi where they accepted Bangladeshis who came before 1971 and according to this accord those who came after 1971 will be illegal immigrants.
Recently Narendra Modi came to Assam and announced that citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 will be passed and which will give citizenship to illegal Hindu migrants who want to come to Assam and to lakhs of illegal Hindu migrants who are living here for years.
But people of Assam are very secular and for them all Bangladeshis are Bangladeshi they don't want to see it based on religion. They love the Hindu religion and they equally love their culture and language. Assamese people know if citizenship bill 2016 is passed then they will become a linguistic minority in their own place.
Most of the Assamese people say“ Assam is not the dumping ground of Bangladeshis”.
Bengali speaking and Assamese speaking people lived peacefully in Assam till this announcement of Modi Ji about citizenship bill.

I think Modi Ji announced about this bill in Assam just to impress Bengalis of West Bengal, 2019 election is near and there are 42 Lok sabha seats in West Bengal. 42 seats are huge and for this politician can do anything, even if Assam burns they won't care. They care for the only thing that is ‘seat'.
Naked Protest By people Of Assam 

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